Why You Should Consider Travelling to Turkey to Save Money on Cosmetic Dentistry?

A beautiful smile adds a lot to your appearance and confidence. If your teeth are broken, you are unhappy with your smile and you don’t want to pay UK prices for costly dental treatment, then Turkey could be the best destination for you.

The popularity of dental tourism is increasing by the year and Turkey has fast become an extremely popular destination for people travelling from the UK and Ireland. It is considered the most suitable country outside the far east for dental implants.

Price is one of the main reasons driving people to Turkey, however, a low price does not in any way mean that you will be comprised of quality and there are many other perks to consider.


Turkey Less Expensive for Cosmetic Dental Surgery

According to the Cost of Living Reports, the average Turkish salary is $461 per month. This is incredibly low in comparison to the UK where the average salary is reported to be $2,275 per month.

So, Turkey is a very inexpensive place to live and work, which means Turkish Dental Centres can offer attractive and very affordable prices to the UK and Irish people seeking cosmetic dentistry.

Many people travelling to Turkey from the UK and Ireland are saving themselves a whopping 50 -70% off UK prices. What’s more, is that the prices quoted also include all hotels and transfers, so there are no hidden costs other than your flights and spending money.

For many people cosmetic dentistry is expensive and that’s even with the 50 -70% saving off UK prices by going to Turkey. Subject to credit approval, finance options are available to you, which means you can spread the cost over a period of months and years.

I’d recommend discussing your finance options with an established UK agent, who is affiliated with a reputable Turkish Dental Centre.


The Quality of Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey is Not Compromised on Price

One of the main concerns people have over travelling to Turkey for dental treatment is the question of quality. There is a common misconception that dental procedures are carried out by unregulated backstreet Turkish cowboys. Granted every industry and every country has its fair share of charlatans, and Turkey included.

However, the reputable Turkish Dental Practices maintain extremely high and stringent standards to protect their reputation. You will get a superior first-class service offered to you. Dental centres in Turkey have fully equipped facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled dentists.

This means that everything you need is done under the same roof and the quality of each step is closely managed. Turkish Dental Centres have a finely tuned protocol for managing the needs of international patients, they have a lot of experience in serving people all over the world.


Turkish Dental Practice is Highly Regulated

Before getting a licence to practice in Turkey students need to undertake 5 years training for a DDS Degree at one of the 15 dental faculties in the country. It is only after obtaining a DDS degree that they can specialise with another 5 years education in the fields of orthodontics or prosthodontics.

Dental legislation is highly regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health and all practising dentists must have a recognised qualification. So, the quality of dentistry you receive in an approved and reputable Turkish Dental Centre is unquestionable.

Over half a million people visit Turkey each year for cosmetic dentistry and surgery. The sheer volume of procedures performed on a daily basis means that popular and reputable dentists will be highly skilled and extremely experienced in undertaking any procedures. Due to the volume of procedures performed every day in Turkey, Turkish practitioners will be way more experienced than most UK practitioners.


Turkey has a lot to Offer

Turkey has attracted global attention for its tourism for many years. Cities like Izmir are rich in culture and history, have amazing architecture and are close by to many places of natural places of beauty you can visit.

So, your experience of going to the dentist to get that smile you have always wanted can also be enjoyable and memorable. Turkey is somewhere to visit if you love shopping. Famous for its street Bazaars and shopping malls there is always a bargain to find between your dental appointments and sun-bathing!!

The Turkish people are very welcoming and extremely accommodating to the UK and Irish visitors. There are many places you can relax, unwind and enjoy the culture.

So, in summary, cost and quality are the 2 main decision-making aspects for people considering going to Turkey for cosmetic dentistry. I hope I have gone some way to give you peace of mind that if you choose Turkey as a destination for your dental treatment, you will save 50 -70% off UK prices, and you will receive high-quality treatment from extremely skilled and experienced dental practitioners. Not forgetting the warm climate and the cultural benefits too!
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